Like Topaz We Were Made to Sparkle and Shine

Topaz shining and sparkling in its semi precious state

Life is very complex and multifaceted. However we are not all diamonds precious hard rough or smooth.

We all have edges bashed and cut by life’s many experiences – Some good, Some not so good. I prefer to think about us as beautiful naturally occurring ….topaz

Topaz is a well known mineral which comes in all sizes all colours ranging from colourless to multi coloured expressed with differing levels of clarity and luster. Life may send us a few curve balls and our decisions may not always reflect our true nature and origin but instead we can sometimes be left feeling a bit precious and a bit not!….Semi precious…..

Although the diamonds know there is much more to life to be had.We in our semi precious state are none the less real or beautiful…..Which ever state you find yourself in. Do all you can to Sparkle! You were made to shine.

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