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Not everyone needs to become an elected representative of the people in order to make things happen, but everyone has the responsibility to ensure their voice is heard through their vote. Here is an featured article to encourage civic engagement at its most basic but yet profound level through casting your vote. 

Carole will use this facet of her site to help increase the levels of engagement of BAME in the political process.

Too many people from Black and minority ethnic (BAME) communities don’t vote, but if we did we could easily decide who wins the election.The facts don’t lie: The PM Theresa May has a parliamentary majority of 12. In 50 of the most marginal seats in the country 31 have a BAME electorate that dwarfs the majority by which the seat was won.


Simon Woolley OBV Director says: The vast majority of Black and Minority Ethnic individuals don’t vote, or even register to vote because they feel powerless. The issues they care about are not taken seriously, and the institutions remain unrepresentative. But actually we are incredibly political powerful, if we register and engage. Not enough Black people vote, but if we did we’d change our world.

Article excerpt by Operation Black Vote

Carole is a community activist, championing local issues for children families, young people, the elderly, adoption and fostering and issues relating to domestic violence.

Caring and compassionate with a strategic and pragmatic approach, Carole is an innovative and cutting edge city leader.

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