National Teachers Conference The Grand Hotel

Held in Bristol this weekend.


Hundreds of black teachers spent the weekend discussing poignant topics pertaining to their chosen profession as well as barriers to becoming bame teachers.
Nationally currently there is a huge under representation!!! Being an ex bame teacher myself, I can certainly see the benefits of coming together in this way.
Working in Bristol as a teacher you are most definitely in the minority and although many of our schools have a rising diverse population in and amongst them all, with some inner city schools reporting a majority of bame families and children. The same cannot be said when it comes to the statistics regarding who is teaching them! This is not helpful for outcomes educationally psychologically or socially.
St Paul’s Carnival runs a school programme which positively promotes cultural identity in a serious but fun way. Having worked with over 16 schools this year it became a powerful vehicle for empowerment for children families and schools alike who sometimes struggle to find space time and novel ways of broaching such topics.
It was therefore an honour for me to be asked to speak at the penultimate session at the conference last night at the Grande Hotel.
As bame teachers we know when a person of colour talks pro actively and positively standing up for anything, we are sometimes, not just faced with glass ceilings…we are faced with ceilings made of concrete! In these cases what is required are sizemic shifts!!! St Paul’s Carnival working together with the community…successfully… Has the ability to create the sizemic shifts required!
Simply the more we learn about who we are and how we got here the more we can mobilise!
It’s easy isnt it…to talk about what we are against…HoweverSt Paul’s Carnival provides the opportunity to uplift and affirm..WHAT WE ARE FOR!!!
It was great to see a few familiar Bristolian faces in the crowd.
Thank you to all teachers for the valuable service that you provide for our future generations …
We see you
We value you
We honour you


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