I AM – Magistrates Avon and Somerset DEPUTY BENCH CHAIRMAN 2018 – Carole Johnson

Magistrates Avon and Somerset Deputy Bench Chairman 2018 – Carole Johnson
I am delighted to announce that I have been appointed as Deputy Bench Chairman over Avon and Somerset Magistrates.
After several months preparation my position is now….official.
There are several things that I would like to target whilst in post so watch this space!

Firstly here are real issues around the recruitment of Magistrates.

We need more! From all groups and all ages and all backgrounds and all cultures. The Bench needs to become far more representative of the communities that we serve. It is important that we have representation at all levels of the decision making process. The Criminal Justice System would be much improved with increased diversity as this will lead to increased equality and equity especially with regards to sentencing and beyond.
According to recent statistics there are currently 621 Magistrates across the Avon and Somerset region. See below:
Total magistrates 621
Male 284 Female 337
Under 30 None
30-39 = 14
40 – 49 = 68
50 – 59 = 168
Over 60 = 369
White 587 Mixed 0 Black 20 Asian 11 Chinese 0 Other 0
I think the statistics speak for them selves!
Interestingly two that identify as being black include my cousin and I who were both sworn in on the same day so my family currently represent 10 % of Black Magistrates in the region!!!
My grand Father pictured above was a Policeman and though I am not always a supporter of DNA as an explanation……perhaps ….Lol…… and I AM choosing to honour him today and say thank you for his contribution to who we are today!
No one can do it all by themselves, but I believe ……Together We Can Make It Happen….So now it’s over to YOU!
Do you think you could be a Magistrate?
Would you like to find out more?
Please see below:
Avon & Somerset Bench has begun a recruitment campaign for 60 new magistrates. The campaign opened on 27 March 2018 and will close on 5 June, or when 180 eligible applications have been received.
We hope that in this years’ recruitment campaign we can attract applicants from those communities that are currently under-represented on the Avon and Somerset Bench.
For further information and the application form, please visit:

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