Let Your Vote Be Counted and Your Voice Heard?

An Operation Black Vote of a poster featuring David Harewood, one of four black British stars appearing with white faces in a hard-hitting new campaign to encourage minorities to register to vote ahead of the general election. Rankin/Operation Black Vote/Saatchi & Saatchi/PA Wire

Not everyone needs to become an elected representative of the people in order to make things happen, but everyone has the responsibility to ensure their voice is heard through their vote. Here is an featured article to encourage civic engagement at its most basic but yet profound level through casting your vote.


Dear Friends of BME’s

Too many people from Black and minority ethnic (BME) communities don’t vote, but if we did we could easily decide who wins the election.The facts don’t lie: The PM Theresa May has a parliamentary majority of 12. In 50 of the most marginal seats in the country 31 have a BME electorate that dwarfs the majority by which the seat was won.

Croydon Central was won by the Conservatives with only 147 votes. In that area alone there are over 30,000 BME voters. Other big margins include Brentford and Isleworth, which was won by Labour with only 465 votes, and a BME electorate of 39,000; and Ealing Central and Acton which was won by 274 votes and a BME electorate of 36,000. And there are so many others.

That’s why Operation Black Vote have called upon the media giant Saatchi & Saatchi to put together an audacious late voter registration and turnout campaign poster and website: http://blacksdontvote.com to highlight the potential of the BME voter and registering to vote.

So ‘blacksdontvote’, but if we did we could

Demand our Govt. address Black youth unemployment – running at 50% •Demand Govt.
address BME poverty which is twice the national average
Demand more BME teachers, professors, and school governors
Demand that big business see us beyond cleaners and security guards
Demand an end to police dragnet ‘ Stop and Search’
Hollywood Actor Riz Ahmed – of Star Wars fame – and Jamal Edwards – of SB.TV fame – have spoken on film about our communities having a voice to encourage and engage. If you’d like to make a video and send it to us about what we could do if we used our political power to changes things start the video, ‘Black people don’t vote, but if we did….’

Simon Woolley OBV Director says: The vast majority of Black and Minority Ethnic individuals don’t vote, or even register to vote because they feel powerless. The issues they care about are not taken seriously, and the institutions remain unrepresentative. But actually we are incredibly political powerful, if we register and engage. Not enough Black people vote, but if we did we’d change our world.

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