I AM Woman – Comparable To – EQUAL


Last week I listened to an audio book Songs of Songs Divine Romance by Brian Simmons. It’s a version of the book Songs of Solomon which draws on the original Hebrew translation and extended meanings and use of language to capture the essence of the intended message.

In this version it speaks of the woman as being “comparable to” and “equal to” her beloved. I like this original text…

This week I watched the documentary on Martin Luther King : King in the Wilderness. One of the things that I struck by was the importance of life partner choice….it goes without saying really…but just a few glaring things…


True Love is divine…

If you are blessed enough to have found and are now with that person…its more important that you are equal to each other…different…but equal as opposed to being compatible…that is if you are going to achieve a greater  lasting purpose …together.


This was also highlighted to me when in the documentary on Dr King. There was a short clip of two women….


Two widows..slightly less in the lime light perhaps…Coretta King (Martin”s wife) and Jackie Kennedy (John”s wife).


Both had married huge characters…history makers!

Both courageous graceful honourable women of integrity.

“Comparable to” and “Equal to”…their men,,,,despite it all.

Not every woman could have done as well as they did.


Love (with the right person) is Divine.

So Choose Well!


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