I am Woman – I am EQUAL

As women we can create a level of incredible change by standing up for equality.

Wives are equal to husbands.

Sisters are equal to brothers.
Different..but ….EQUAL!
When half the population is attributed to the female cohort, women’s political participation and leadership globally has only improved by 11 per cent in the last 20 years!
In a season characterised  with up front ouvert requests for  women’s EQUAL RIGHTS  and EQUAL PAY (which is absolutely morally correct!).
The mood music behind this if we need to spell it out is a serious request for a lot more R E S P E C T!!!!
How much longer will we have to wait?
There is progress and reasons to be cheerful…but by anyone’s standers…. it”s slow
Women need to see their own value.
We also need more men to  champion this cause.
So I am reminding all girls that their voices are not too small…. we need you to get involved in communities in leadership in government and at the highest senior levels…
In some areas you need an invite…
In some areas you must take it….and
In others you will have to create your own table to sit at …….but
In the words of Obama,

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