Community Church and Health – Seminar



This fantastic event took place on 9th June, where Dr Chidi Ngwaba, an award-winning lifestyle consultant, doctor, broadcaster and writer gave practical advice and solutions to address some of the most common lifestyle diseases affecting society today.


Keynote  Speakers Kerry Mc Carthy MP

Cllr Dr Carole A J Johnson


Venue Bristol City Council

This well attended seminar on health matters which Dr Chidi identified as being reversible provided us with information which we can all apply with simple lifestyle changes.

Being a hospital governor, I am very concerned and care about all aspects of our health and well being. We know that Cancer and diabetes and other diseases are more prevalent within certain communities. And so any help and advice offered which can help in these areas must be welcomed and taken seriously. Thank you Dr Chidi for input. We need to highlight these issues all over the country. Making sure that our communities stay active and healthy.

This conversation must be continued. It’s an issue I care deeply about not just because I’m a councillor but because I am a mother like may of you.

We need to figure out….. what we can do ….together ….to help our communities …..get healthy …..and stay that wayToo many…. people are not ….getting ….what they need!


If we are honest with ourselves…We know that there are area .that are more at risk than others. We all know that when our children don’t eat right, Or get enough exercise, they are at risk from whole list opreventable diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer.

These diseases are preventableAnd some are reversible!!! It’s not somebody else’s problem. We have a joint responsibility.

The Labour Party created the National Health Service one of our proudest achievements. But it would be far better to be proactive and stay healthy!


If you need the NHS we want to provide universal healthcare for all on the basis of needfree at the point of use. But more than this…we want you to be healthy!


want to see your increased health so let’s take joint responsibility for  ourselvesour families and our communities.


We all have Dreams. But to see our dreams come to fruition We need to be healthy. I attended this event last year listenedcarefully. More than that I left armed with new information which I could use immediately and share with the community. Knowledge is power!!!! We can all develop better habits which are pro health. The lives of those .in our community The lives of the people n our own families. Your very own life! We Can and we must  make appropriate change !!!


Many lives depend on what we doWe all have a collective and a personal  responsibility. We can bring you the information you need But what’s really important how you USE it!

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