Church in the Community

Delighted to have been present at the opening of the Health Healing and Hope Centre.

Some fantastic work being carried out here over the last couple of years.

Contributing to the No more Cold Homes Initiative, the Winter Shelter Programme providing shelter food and friendship in a safe enviroment for the homeless during the coldest months of the year. Provided absolutely free food snd water for St Pauls Carnival a family friendly space a welcome respite for all.

Pastor Royston and Mary Phillips you and your team are tremendous you deserve to be recognised in some small way.

Even supporting relations with local police and the community at large. We are looking forward to your continued contributions namely with the safer options team in conjunction with the city council to tackle knife crime an absolute key priority at this time.

Incredibly they are also looking to support the Bristol City Council by offering free breakfasts to our local children!!!

Especially during the holidays when many children are having to go without.

Your passion and energy is to be admired 3 conferences in 3 years held at the city council make you so very deserving of this inauguration. You continue to help and support so many people in Ashley ward and beyond.

Thank you.

Supporting the Health the Healing and the Hope of the community! X

Cllr Johnson

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