Christians On The Left – Mentoring Programme

Christians on the Left is committed to influencing politicians and churches with our commonly held values. CotL also helps to resource members to reflect on and respond to contemporary social issues as they affect our lives and our communities. We do this in a variety of ways including events, campaigning, policy influence and partnerships.

About the Mentoring Programme

Is a leadership development initiative where individuals are brought together for a journey of enrichment with Christians on the Left Political Mentoring Programme. This programme, which last twelve months, is for the equipping and training of a new group of members to be the best public speakers, activists, debaters, policy writers, community organisers.

For the current cohort of mentees the experience has provided an opportunity to explore what it means to be a Christian on the Left including the impact of the Christian faith and it’s perspective. The biographies of the current crop of amazing mentees is provided below:









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