I AM Woman – Just the way I am

As a woman, we are told,  that we are multi tasking beings.
Actually we are multi talented, multi faceted and multi tasking beings!
That’s great in many many many ways, but I was reminded of the classic excerpt in the film Bridget Jones  when Darcy professes ” I love you just the way you are“”” Hooray!!!!!!
What a revelation and accomplishment on Bridget’s part  a sentiment many of us will aspire to…..
Not how many things I can…as a woman…do…
But, instead… just as I am…truly…authentically. Me!
Outside of the film however we are faced not just with multi tasking on our part but also the multi asking multi requesting multi over expectation multi taking more and more and more from others who surround us.
Painfully this is often…simply because they can and we have allowed it!
Recently in my own life coughs colds and viruses running through the family caused me to use that under appreciated  and under-utilised word  from our female lips ” NO“….what a reaction this caused!!!!!
Coughing spluttering ill??? Ahhh, …..anyway could you just…..???
You all know the scenario.
Ladies if you are tired exhausted stretched to the limit…do yourself and every one else ….in the long run ….a favour ….just say no….
Let people know what YOU need….I need to…… (and let them have it)
Well, you may be surprised people friends family organisations …may end up sulking in the corner….but equally maybe just maybe they might realise they have over stepped the mark! Healthy boundaries are vital to your survival, especially for you exceptionally talented ones out there!
Ladies…can I share something with you the lioness in the wild does all  the hard work… whilst hubby sleeps ….she takes care of children etc etc etc sounding familiar?? ….but guess what she has the wisdom that when food (energy resources) comes into the fold she feeds herself first lol…Why??? Apparently this is because she knows that if she goes down then her family goes down!!!!! Food for thought! Taking time out, will benefit your household…vastly!
My precious dear Woman reading this right now ….please take care of yourself too! Not just everyone else all the time! I know you won”t stop multi tasking because that maybe just who you are and that is ok…..sharing and caring is absolutely right and admirable…but please don’t forget about …you…in the equation.
You are just as important as everyone else on this planet …and quite simply without you….
in the words of James Brown ….
“This is a man’s world ” (which I don”t entirely agree with!!)
but it would be nothing! without a woman or a girl!!! (now he”s talking!!).

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