St Pauls Carnival - Lifting to Another Level

Colourful Carnival

The first St Pauls Carnival took place in 1968 in the St Pauls neighbourhood of Bristol. The annual African Caribbean carnival has since grown to become one of the city’s greatest cultural events.

To Take this bustling buzz of Bristol to exciting new heights the St Pauls Carnival CIC was formed, in February 2017 to create a stable future for the event. It is brand new and all the directors are unpaid. This year is an opportunity to build partnerships and test ideas.

Our remit and focus is to bring a landmark 50th year anniversary event back to the streets of Bristol. We want ensure it is litter-free, environmentally sustainable, and promotes diversity and inclusion. To do this, the CIC Community engagement programme has now begun to make St Paul's Carnival stronger than ever before.

The size and popularity of the last Carnival meant higher levels of organisation, communication, policing and cleaning were needed. This resulted in two key funders, Bristol City Council and the Arts Council England, on the proviso that if it was to go ahead, a new organisation would be essential for the return of a fully family-friendly event.

The Carnival in 2018 will he spectacular, marking a place in Bristol's history. It will celebrate the best of African Caribbean carnival traditions. We want to serve the community of all ages, and extend a genuine invite and welcome to every part of our City, from the heart of Bristol in Ashley Ward.

Carole-Johnson--Carnival Project
Ashley Ward hosts one of the most important events in Bristol's calendar - St Paul's Carnival. As the local Labour Councillor, Carole recognises its gravitas, and has accepted the appointed as Non-Executive Director on the new St Paul's Carnival Community Interest Company (CIC) committee.

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