One City Plan – Bristol


One City Plan
More than 150 business, public and voluntary sector leaders gathered at Ashton Gate Stadium to discuss the emerging vision for the Bristol: One City Plan.

The One City Plan is an ambitious, collaborative approach to reach a shared vision for Bristol. The One City Plan will aim to use the collective power of Bristol’s key organisations to make a bigger impact by supporting partners, organisations and citizens to help solve key challenges such as driving economic growth for everyone.

Building on the City Office, which was launched in 2016 by Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, the plan will help focus activity from organisations across the city including the business sector, the local authority, education groups, the NHS, social care providers and the voluntary sector. By drawing on existing partnerships, strategies and expertise the plan will aim to form a collaborative and place-based approach to resolve city challenges and create a more equal, inclusive and sustainable city.

Organisations across the city coming together to discuss common problems and plans for next steps for the One City Fund – an initiative to attract and deliver corporate and charitable funding to Bristol.

The plan covers three main themes for the city:

Prosperous and Inclusive Economy – delivering quality jobs, increased skills, innovation and investment
People & Place – safety, health and wellbeing, housing and food, social justice, diversity, mobility and human rights
Healthy Environment & Infrastructure – connectivity, energy, waste, climate, green space and land use

Mayor Rees said: “The One City Plan will, for the first time in Bristol, provide a single joined-up action plan across the public, private, voluntary and academic sectors. This is a truly shared vision which will help us work better together and deliver real improvements which people can see and feel.

“We are stronger together and this plan will help everyone involved achieve new things, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Whether it’s building a prosperous and inclusive economy; increasing skills and education; creating safe, healthy and cohesive communities or delivering effective transport and environmental solutions, I am delighted to have such a wealth of support and contribution from a vast array of willing partners.”

Lee Probert, Principal and Chief Executive of City of Bristol College said: “These city gatherings have a real energy about them – organisations across Bristol are keen to work together and make a difference. There’s no single solution to any modern city’s challenges, but at the events people share ideas, discuss ways forward and leave having made real pledges to take action.

“Making Bristol successful for everyone is a massive job and we are tackling it collectively in many different ways. Now more than ever we are pulling together and today’s update on the emerging One City Plan was more than encouraging.”



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