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Carole is a committed Christian keen to ensure her active faith has the vital focus and application to bring about improved health and wellbeing in our families and our communities. She is particularly inspired to be a part of the wonderful progressive church community that has decided to actively to reach outside the church walls to help and to impact our community.

Carole will use this facet of her site to bring attention to faith in action on both personal and practical level.  Scripture tells us that we need to love our neighbours as ourselves so we must first learn and know how to look after ourselves excellently in order to also look after others excellently as well. 


Carol carries several titles which help me fulfill my civic responsibilities, including a certificate in Christian Studies, Diploma in Pastoral Studies and a Doctorate in Christian Counselling.  She carries some other treasured titles at the heart of my service and ministry which include that of mother, daughter, sister and...friend.

Life Colours Health Seminar

On the afternoon of Sabbath 29th July, the Bristol churches came together, to work towards a common goal.  That of reaching out and serving the c...
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Adoption or Fostering is this for You

A survey conducted by Children's Charity Barnardo's highlighted in 2015 there were 90,000 children who are being fostered in the UK, 14,400 of th...
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