Making It Happen

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Carole is an elected Local councillor for Ashley Ward in Bristol and  a Bristol magistrate of Jamaican descent. Previously a proprietor of her own business she is also doubly qualified as a primary school teacher and social worker with over 15 years experience. Serving as school governor to St Barnabas, Easton Academy, St Patrick's and Hope Virtual School she is also hospital governor for University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. As a trail braising single mother of two, Carole's  message and challenge to the BAME people I am privileged to positively influence is, 

"let my struggle to find the throughway and pathways to success, be merely your starting point and foundational stones to greater greatness in your own personal area of passion and choice"


As a black woman Carole has been inspired to "continuously raise her game" by many people past and present whose example has helped her find courage to "let her light shine"

Carole is keen to use her own experiences and the inspiring stories and exploits of others as a catalyst to inspire others to do the same with their abilities, passions and choices.

Inspiration from the
BME Community

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