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Carole with Dr Chidi Ngwaba Key Note Speaker at Improving Health and Well Being Event

Carole meets distinguished guest speaker Dr Chidi Ngwaba at the Life colours Bristol Health Seminar event  29 July, 2017. 

Some wonderful  vibrant life affirming work takes place out on the “front line” of  our community at large instigated or supported by local community and church initiatives across all the city.

Carole will be working alongside some of these exciting and positive projects such as the St Paul’s Carnival and will use this facet of her site to keep you up to date about what is happening first in  the Ashley Ward, where she serve as a Local Labour councillor,  and across the city!

Church & Community

Currently serving as one of the Local Labour councillors in Ashley Ward, I am also Bristol Magistrate in `Adult `and family Court I also have a certificate in Christian, `Studies Diploma in Pastoral Studies and a Doctorate in Christian Counselling.

Life Colours Health Seminar


On the afternoon of Sabbath 29th July, the Bristol churches came together, to work towards a common goal.  That of reaching out and serving the c…

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St Paul’s Carnival CIC FAQ’s




1             Who are the CIC board?

The new board are a team of 9 local people offering range of specific skil…

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