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Master of Science in Psychology

♥ ♥ Msc Psych It is finished ( finally). Well in September I graduated (again)!!! This time with my ; Master of Science in Psychology, MSc Psych. Believe it or not, I have been studying over the last 4 years, part time alongside my councillorship ( and everything else) 2017 -21, Amen. I have to say that I am delighted as I did not find this by any means...easy! Special blessings and recognition go out to my beloved children who have seen me work all day ... and then sometimes... all night when assignments were due in ... without complaint... [...]

St Pauls Carnival CIC – The Journey – A favourite moment

https://fb.watch/v/1e0kiJnDn/   Our Journey There have been a lot of special moments this year on our journey Audley Evans daughter Judith visiting from Florida. Michelle Curtis you made something very very special happen here. Thank you. This is very special. Click here to see her response and hear a little more about the incredible Audbrey Evans’♦ legacy. https://fb.watch/v/1e0kiJnDn/