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Master of Science in Psychology

♥ ♥ Msc Psych It is finished ( finally). Well in September I graduated (again)!!! This time with my ; Master of Science in Psychology, MSc Psych. Believe it or not, I have been studying over the last 4 years, part time alongside my councillorship ( and everything else) 2017 -21, Amen. I have to say that I am delighted as I did not find this by any means...easy! Special blessings and recognition go out to my beloved children who have seen me work all day ... and then sometimes... all night when assignments were due in ... without complaint... [...]

Bar None

Bar None The law applies equally to all bar none. That much is true of the rule of law But the law must also be readily understandable for all bar none. That is the purpose of this website.

Bristol Life Award St Pauls Carnival

    We won!!!! A Bristol Life award! Well done to all the whole team, volunteers, sponsors and supporters who brought this iconic event St Pauls Carnival back to Bristol in 2018 #Bristol @BristolLifeMag. I am delighted to have been part of this team as Vice Chair successfully bringing it back to the Bristol conmunity after 4 long years of absence. Successfully hosting over 100,000 people on the day arriving from all over the UK and beyond! Adding an incredible 5.1 million pounds to the Bristol economy ( on the day of the event). Working with the local community, schools, […]

Meet Denis Lindsay Credit Union

An interview with Denis Lindsay It’s another chance to get to know our Board of Directors. Today, we’re pleased to welcome Denis Lindsay as one of our newer Board Members, who joined in December 2019. Denis, who says that his home is like living in an episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, has been living in Bristol for over 26 years ago with his wife, two children and a nephew who has been living with them for over 10 years. His nephew is the “Will” character, even though his son would like to believe that he is Will. With […]

Special Gift Renewal Choir Bristol St Georges 2019

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♦♦ enewal Choir Special Gift - St George's Bristol renewal choir special gift from This uplifting and immersive event showcases the choir's infectious joy and exuberance, and its programme draws poignantly on the Christmas message of love, joy and peace. Music is sometimes affectionately called 'the gift that keeps on giving'.

Nomination NOEA

St Pauls Carnival!! NOEA National Outdoors Event Association We have been nominated for another award! Category : Production Partnership of the Year!!! 28th November 2019  

Meeting President Adama Barrow

Your Excellency Adama Barrow Meets with GAFSIP At His Royal residence. Very humbling to have been invited an audience with the President of Gambia on our second day here. It represents amongst other things the recognition of the great work GAFSIP are doing and the importance of this partnership. Long may it continue.


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GAFSIP Gambia here we come! October 2019