Bristol Life Award St Pauls Carnival



We won!!!!
A Bristol Life award!
Well done to all the whole team, volunteers, sponsors and supporters who brought this iconic event St Pauls Carnival back to Bristol in 2018 #Bristol @BristolLifeMag. I am delighted to have been part of this team as Vice Chair successfully bringing it back to the Bristol conmunity after 4 long years of absence.

Successfully hosting over 100,000 people on the day arriving from all over the UK and beyond!

Adding an incredible 5.1 million pounds to the Bristol economy ( on the day of the event).

Working with the local community, schools, local business, art and culture, sponsors, stake holders , city council, community police who ensured the safety of all who attended and who have reported a recognised link between improved community relationships in years when St Pauls Carnival takes place.

It has been extremely hard work but worth every moment!!!

Significant in its ability to build and promote race relations and community harmony.

St Pauls…you are well and truly most positively …on the map!

Locally, nationally and the world prepares to meet you!

I am humbled to have been part of this journey.

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