Master of Science in Psychology

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It is finished ( finally).

Well in September I graduated (again)!!!

This time with my ;

Master of Science in Psychology, MSc Psych.

Believe it or not, I have been studying over the last 4 years, part time alongside my councillorship ( and everything else) 2017 -21, Amen.

I have to say that I am delighted as I did not find this by any means…easy!

Special blessings and recognition go out to my beloved children who have seen me work all day …

and then sometimes…

all night when assignments were due in …

without complaint…

And of course plenty of rewards and goodies for them!!

I love you so x

Well I actually graduated back in September this year and my Graduation at uni was a few weeks ago now in November 2021 …like for so many others covid / sickness created some delay…

However, you cant keep a good woman down lol…

So here I AM…celebrating…again.. now its official!!!

Just got to decide how to rearrange the letters after my name ha ha lol..

Life is what you make guys. Every course I have ever done..I started by saying ..oh no I will be ” this age” when I finish!!!!

Guess what you will be that age anyway!!!!…So you may as well go for it! Xxxx
Incredibly, I am now…just one last step away from.becoming a Dr Dr or double double doctorate holder ( not sure that I will do it ….but I have said that before ! ).


I love Psychology..
I love life…

And hope you will join me in my celebration ☺️

Hip hip…hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!


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