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Woman – Woman, which are you?

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A Girls dream is often of being a princess…


A Woman’s …desire is to become …Queen!

So, which one are you?

Girl….destination Princess (nothing wrong with that)…


Woman, destination Queen?

Be strategic….there are pros and cons to both….

So you choose!

Quote: 20th Aprl 2020/CJohnson

Woman to Woman – Homeschooling

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So many during this COVID 19 period are working from home AND home schooling and perhaps whilst nursing symptoms yourselves!!! I am. At this serious time there are many aspects of life for us to take into hand. So now you have direct input into your child’s education. Finally Black History month is abolished …in our house anyway…For us its Black history day by day by day by day… Heres a link to help those with younger children to do the same over the coming weeks…there are 91 easy watch and listen. I have used them for my boys for […]